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Osho Neo Reiki

Osho Neo Reiki (ONR)

This technique is rooted in the traditional Japanese “USUI System of REIKI Natural Healing”. It has grown and unfolded as one of the plants in the Buddhafield of Osho while it was presented by the Osho School of Mysticism.

As Neo means New, it indicates that the presence of the Enlightened Master will bring new dimensions into an ancient technique. These can be changes in the technique itself. Much more is it about the inner dimension that can open through using this technique. This inner dimension will be a very individual and unique experience. For myself I would be using the word “Devotion”.

In my personal ONR work I am no longer focusing on somebody else’s healing. Now, don’t misunderstand me: It is a very powerful tool and unbelievable healing can happen under my hands – even against my medical beliefs. But Healing has become such a natural process to me that I sometimes wonder, how we manage to hinder it happen.  It happens by the touch of light, by turning inwards, by exploring the inner reality and regaining our natural potential. It is about awakening and integrating dormant energies in the subtle bodies. Healing to me means to become WHOLE.

I feel grateful that I am allowed to do this kind of energy work that has opened my mind to many unknown dimensions inside me.



Years ago when I tried to write the history of ONR, I realized, that around Osho it is just not about “historical” facts, that I can only speak about my inner story with Him.

It started let’s say with becoming a sannyasin in 1980. When, a little later, in spring 1982 I received the First Reiki Degree, I took it as His great gift to me. And to-day it still is my favorite toy to play with, as a vehicle to move inside me, towards Being.


Maybe that’s where ONR started already. Maybe it was on Aug. 9, 1988, my 8th sannyas birthday, when I received the call – this inner call – to move towards the Reikimaster’s Degree. Maybe the moment of conception was when I received the Reikimaster’s initiation, sitting in front of Osho’s picture, hearing Him speak to me.

Or was it that day in spring 1989? The first day of my first Reiki group in the Osho Mystery School, when I was told: “And from now on you call it Osho Rajneesh Neo-Reiki”. (It was short time later, when the Master changed His name it became Osho Neo-Reiki.)
I remember that in the following night I sat up straight in my bed, saying to myself: What trust! My Master lets me use His name. What T R U S T.

Osho Expanding Reiki (Later called “Metaphysical Energy Work”)

This process was created in the Osho School of
Mysticism, in the Commune of the Master, as an invitation for everyone who has an initiation – whatever Reiki line, whatever Reiki degree – and wants to use it as a door
to enter the inner mysteries,
to melt into the dimension of devotion,
to experience the quality of non-doing and
to relax towards the own inner source.

During the first three days of this course we use Osho’s meditation techniques and His insights to e x p a n d in the first level of Reiki, using it for daily life’ s situations. We can allow awareness, sensitivity and intuition to happen inside.

Then follow two more days for the second degree initiates, to explore, to e x p a n d and deepen the specific work with symbols. We will penetrate into deeper layers of the mind and open to higher insights, till we stand IN WONDER … remember this song?

The complete process (part 1, 2 and 3) used to be certified from Osho School of Mysticism as “Advanced Degree in Osho Neo-Reiki”. That can be an invitation to use the name of “Osho Neo-Reiki”, presenting this work in the world.

  • Is the Adv. Training for Reikimasters?
    It is a training to e x p a n d into new energetic dimensions, which has been valued highly by Reikimasters who have participated in it. It can also be the first step towards working with ONR in the world through individual sessions and/or as Reikimaster or Osho Neo-Reikimaster.The way in which the ONR Master’s Process was developing in the Osho Commune in Poona gave me few insights: The Master’s energy field provokes and supports strongly the individual’s transformation. It can happen that somebody’s idea of becoming ONRmaster simply drops away as not being essential on the path inwards. Or it can happen that it is the beginning of an intense inner transformation, starting with an individual Energy Reading and Counseling from the Osho School of Mysticism. Out of my experiences, when training new ONRmasters inside the Osho Commune during the last years I can say that the preparation often took three years. The Master’s energy field moves people towards BEING, not BECOMING.
  • What is your background?
    In my life before sannyas I have achieved a full University Degree (Master phil.) from University of Hamburg. My studies were focused on the human being, including theology, psychology, pedagogic and psychiatry. I was working in the field of special education, teaching, treating special dysfunctions (i.e. legasthenie) and being a therapist for speech (i.e. stuttering). With becoming Osho’s sannyasin in 1980 the security and the identity of my life fell out of my hands. At that time the New Age movement had just started in alternative corners of society. But I did find support, guidance and new techniques. During one year I learned Shiatsu, Reiki and the use of Bach Flower Essences, followed by the Metamorphic Technique (prenatal massage), the Chinese System with its five elements and Mental Healing techniques. That’s how I started making my living again – small by small – with individual sessions. Little later I met my most appreciated teacher Ma Sagarpriya in groups, Counseling Course and Psychic Massage Training. For the very basic approach in my work up to-day I owe her respect and gratitude. It took a full seven-years-cycle working intensely on me and with other individuals before the call came for teaching - again - but now from a very different inner space. When I entered the Osho Mystery School in spring 1989 directed by Ma Prem Kaveesha, I found a place of beauty and abundance, a heart so big, that it took my breath. Under her showers of Love my potential unfolded like a flower. I started initiating, teaching and developing Osho Neo-Reiki. Few years later in the Osho School of Mysticism with Ma Deva Waduda and Sw. Deva Wadud I learned to let go of the flower – waiting in the Unknown – to see the fruit growing on this plant called Osho Neo-Reiki that was unfolding in the Garden of the Master.
  • Who is your Reikimaster?
    There is a line of transmission from the origin of Reiki to me. It was Japanese Mikao Usui who brought this “System of Natural Healing” into the world, to us. His successor Japanese Chujiro Hayashi has initiated and trained Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata lived in Hawai, trained and initiated new Reikimasters, in this way spreading Reiki in the Western world. One of them is Mary McFadyen, who completed her master training shortly before Mrs. Takata passed away in Dec. 1980. Mary brought Reiki to Hamburg, Germany, in 1981. While translating in her workshops, I saw how quickly Reiki was spreading in the following years. At that time Mary was a member of the “Reiki Alliance” which had organized itself around Phyllis Furomoto, the grand-daughter of Mrs. Takata. Meanwhile Mary has founded “Reiki Outreach International”, a world network of Reiki channels for specific projects and situations. Mary trained and initiated me into the First Degree in spring 1982, the Second Degree in spring 1983 and the Master’s Degree in January 1989. From her I learned to deeply respect this great force and to move with it into the integrity of the heart. She gave me a solid foundation in her teaching and some more hints to open the doors of my mind.
  • Do you work with emotional release?
    It does happen – even without focusing on emotions. It happens when making more energy available for the body/mind/system, i.e. through Dynamic Meditation, energy transmissions or practicing with REI - Universal KI - Life Energy. Emotions that had been frozen in - maybe in early childhood – can become alive again. This is what I understand from Osho: “When something is released in the mind, the body also releases. There is a parallel holding in the body. In people who repress, the intestine always holds something which should not be there – many toxins, poisons. It has to be that way because when the mind is holding some poison – anger, sadness, hatred – a parallel poison has to exist in the body to support it, otherwise the mind cannot hold it. The mind and body are not two: each corresponds with the other.” In ”Get Out of Your own Way” When emotions are coming up during a session or a course I allow them to be there without suppressing, without catharsis. It is enough to feel it, to breath into it, maybe finding the place in the body from where they arise, touching this body part, bringing awareness in.
  • What are the Reiki symbols good for?
    There are many different symbols used in many different rituals from ancient times up to-day. I can see the specific Reiki symbols in this bigger context. They are preparing the mind to open to bigger dimensions. They are breaking through the borderlines of our beliefs. So that something “impossible” becomes possible. I found more than once, that the physical body has an incredible potential to heal itself. This potential is much greater than we think, we believe. This actually means that we are not allowing nature to go its flow, we are limiting existence. The healing that happens through using the Neo-Reiki techniques with the symbols happens on both ends: in the giver and in the receiver. It is an opening towards the inner source. For me as Neo-Reiki practitioner it has been an ongoing process of opening my mind’s doors to my inner potential, where I found skills, I had never heard of before. And through using them and expanding inwards I can more and more touch this space inside where there are no symbols, no techniques, No-Mind.
  • Is symbol no. 4 for self-healing?
    From the Reiki tradition it is the symbol that the Reikimaster receives to use for initiating others. As I understand this symbol it is an opening to or a remembrance of the Great Light. It is used whenever somebody receives an initiation. This means that everyone who receives a Reiki initiation – even if this is on the first level only – actually gets initiated towards the final step, the Great Enlightenment. All the “healing work” that we do on ourselves is to remove the obstacles which cover our inner Buddha nature. For this self-healing work the symbols 1 and 2 are very efficient. Symbol no.1 is giving incredible energetic support to whatever wants to happen in the body/mind system, a great speeding-up of the energetic transformation. Symbol no.2 gives possibilities to work with sub- or unconscious and super conscious layers of the mind. It is like deep cleaning the floors of the house we live in, including the forgotten basement. Healing happens as dormant energies, frozen or forgotten emotions can surface. When released, the Life Force flows again more freely and into deeper and higher layers of consciousness. From my amazing experiences, using and exploring these possibilities with symbols no. 1 and 2 I had no need to use no. 4 for self healing.
  • What do you give, when you give Reiki?
    Ooh – right! That is just a verbal way to make the distinction between the session -”giver” and session -”receiver”. I have experienced clearly that I am not giving away any energy, just the opposite happens: I am myself nourished, cleaned, balanced and sometimes gifted with deep insights while “giving” a session. But what really is it to give? This is what Osho answers: “What is it to give? Have you ever asked yourself what it is to give? You think you are already giving so much to your children, to your wife, to your girlfriend, to the society, to the Rotary Club, to the Lions Club … you are giving so much. But the fact is, you don’t know what it is to give. Unless you give yourself, you don’t give at all. You can give money, but you are not the money. Unless you give yourself, that means unless you give love, you don’t know what giving is. And what is it to receive? Almost everybody thinks he knows what it is to receive. But D. is right in questioning and exposing herself that she does not know what it is to give, the same is true about receiving: unless you are capable of receiving love, you don’t know what it is to receive. You want to be loved, but you have not thought about it: are you capable of receiving love? There are so many hindrances which won’t allow you to receive it. … Love will have a tremendous impact on you, because you will have to go through a great transformation before you can receive it. … Your question will be helpful to all my people. I thank you for your question and for your courage to expose yourself. This courage is needed by everyone, because without this courage you cannot hope for any possibility of transformation – into a new world, into a new consciousness, into your authentic being, which is the door to ultimate reality and to ultimate benediction.” In: Satyam Shivam Sundram
  • Do you work on subtle bodies?
    Of course – and each Reiki practitioner does, even if s/he has never heard these words before. From my experience in working on myself and other individuals I would say that: from whatever is stored in the subtle bodies, there is a reflection, an anchor, in the physical body. These can be blockages, frozen memories, suppressed emotions from this lifetime or others. As the Reiki practitioner uses energy, it has to affect the subtle bodies - because they are made of energy – even when s/he touches only the physical body. For me this is the precious beauty of this very simple technique: No knowledge at all is needed. The energy is made available through laying-on-the-hands and the receiving body/mind/energy system is drawing it and using IT according to its own inner wisdom. My personal approach in individual work is oriented more on the physical body, not so much on the outer layers of the subtle bodies. The more alive an energy system is, the easier it is to reach into the physical body with my “hands of light”. Deep and final energy surgeries are possible. They can be done in a more male way like using laser beams of light – they can also be done in a more female way by allowing out of not-knowing. Between these poles I can move, sometimes even integrating sounds, energy readings or drawings, whatever arises out of the HEART, not out of the mind.
  • Do you work on past lives?
    There was a period of time in my life (when I started with Osho Dynamic Meditation) when many memories came up in me, that were not from this life time. But I could recognize myself in a person, could identify myself from inside … It was as if a certain layer of energy was activated, brought to consciousness and in this way cleaned out. In a similar way I can find this kind of energy in somebody else’s system during a session. And when it has come to surface in this way, it is time to deal with it. In which way I will deal with it, depends on the individual and I have to decide. In such a moment I ask deep into my heart and wait what impulse comes from there. Sometimes it feels right to communicate with the person and I speak into this energy. When it feels right to dissolve it, I just keep my Reiki hands in that place on the body where the energy is anchored and wait... So I am not deliberately focusing on past life energy, but leave it to the movement of the energy, to the inner wisdom.
  • Whom can you heal?
    First of all: Nobody is healing anybody else. I can make energy available through using the Neo-Reiki techniques, so that the other person can heal herself/himself. So I just function like a water pipe, a channel to the source. Osho describes with these words: “Everybody can become a healer. Healing is something like breathing; it is natural. Somebody is ill; it means he has lost his capacity to heal himself. He is no more aware of his own healing source. The healer is to help him to be rejoined. That source is the same from which the healer draws, but the ill man has forgotten how to understand the language of it. The healer is in relationship with the whole, so he can become a via-media. The healer touches the body of the ill person and becomes a link between him and the source. The patient is no longer connected directly with the source so he becomes indirectly connected. Once the energy starts flowing, he is healed.” In: Beloved of My Heart Each time I become a via-media for somebody my system also receives healing. In this sense I can say that my work with others helps me to become whole again. And I can only be grateful for this opportunity to be healed myself.
  • Is Reikimaster for everyone?
    From the numbers I have, based on the initiations I gave in the Osho Commune and in Europe it is about ¼th of the First Degree practitioners, who take a Second Degree and it is about 1/10th of the Second Degree practitioners who move on to become Reikimasters. These numbers might not be significant for others, but they do support my conviction: Not every Reiki channel becomes a Reikimaster. Just think: not every shoemaker becomes a shoemaker’s master… It needs enough practice, experience, teaching skills, trainings, examinations … years of work before the shoemaker reaches a mastership in his techniques and can initiate others into the basics and the very special and secret things. Why should it not be similar when working with energy, when dealing with the inner world, with the invisible? And: to take the Reikimaster’s initiation as a step to find one’s own inner master is a possibility – but not an automatic process. I am moving on this way, being Osho Neo-Reikimaster since 1989, taking this title, this work as a device to find out about emotions, conditionings, beliefs, projections … connected with being a teacher, a healer, a master, a woman … This device is rooted in my devotion to the MASTER . It is in Osho’s Community with my many fellow travelers that I move inwards to realize my inner reality.
  • What makes a good healer?
    Let me answer this question with Osho’ s words: “Healing is one of the most delicate dimensions. And the delicacy consists in the healer not doing anything in it. The healer is not really a healer because he is not a doer. Healing happens through him. He has just to annihilate himself. To be a healer really means not to be. The less you are, the better healing will happen. The more you are, the more the passage is blocked, God or the totality or whatsoever name you prefer, is the healer. The whole is the healer. The word “healing” comes from the same root as from where the word “whole” comes. Whole, health, healing, holy, all come from the same root. To be healed means to be joined with the whole. … So if you really want to become a healer you will have to completely commit suicide. You have to accept your emptiness. And that is going to become your work: to become more and more empty yourself.” In: Beloved of My Heart
  • How do you protect yourself?
    At the time when my sensitivity was much greater than my being centered I have also asked this question and tried out different recommendations, or tricks … till I found words from Osho that give a BIG answer to this question. It took 20 years for His words to reach to me … Here is the question: “A meditator who is vulnerable, passive, open and receptive, feels that with these characteristics he suffers due to the influence of the non-meditative, negative and tense vibrations around him. Please explain how he can preserve his vulnerable psyche from the harmful vibrations.” And His answer: “If you are really vulnerable, nothing is negative for you – because the negative is your interpretation. Nothing is harmful to you – because the harmful is your interpretation. If you are really open, then nothing can harm you, nothing can be felt as harmful. You feel something is negative and something is harmful because you resist, because you are against it, because there is no acceptance of it. This has to be deeply understood. … Let me put it in this way: if you are vulnerable, it means you are ready to live in insecurity. Deep down it means you are ready even to die. You will not resist, you will not oppose, you will not stand in the way. If death comes, there will be no resistance. You will simply allow it to happen. You accept existence in its totality. … Meditate, become open, and then you will never bring this question to me, because in the very opening, the negative will have disappeared. Then nothing is negative. And if you think that something is negative, you cannot become open. The very fear of the negative will create the closure. You will be closed; you cannot open. The very fear that something can harm you … how can you become vulnerable? That’s why I emphasize the fact that unless the fear of death disappears from you, you cannot become vulnerable, you cannot be open. You will remain closed in your own mind, in your own imprisonment. … Be open – and in the very opening of yourself, all that is negative in existence disappears. Even death is not negative then. Nothing is negative.” In: The Book of Secrets, Vol. IV
  • How do you deal with negative energies?
    I am not using this word because it can easily give the mind more missunderstandings. I guess you think of anger, hate and sadness – when you speak of negative energies. For me these are emotional energies, vibrations that were not allowed to be felt, to be expressed . That’s why they got suppressed or frozen – most probably in early childhood. The word “frozen” I find really good because these “frozen energies” really feel like coldness in the body/energy system. If they are frozen for too long and accumulated, they can even cause physical symptoms. Through making Reiki energy available these frozen energies start melting, start becoming alive again. That’s how emotions can come up after many years of being suppressed, really forgotten. These emotions come to the conscious mind, maybe with clear memories, maybe as a wave of emotional release. It is good to become aware of them, watch them – and nothing else is needed.
  • Do you initiate also the feet?
    No, that does not make sense to me. Although I believe, it must have an effect on the person. It might be like a short-cut to bring more life and awareness to the feet for grounding. But: The initiation rituals are making light available which wants to descend, to flow downwards from the head to the feet. Energy would naturally flow like this if we would not interfere or stop it. This is one part in the polarity, the descending flow – the other is the ascending flow. The rising energy is more like darkness, like earth, moving from the feet to the head. At least this is the insight that I have from the Golden Flower Meditation. According to this, initiating the feet might turn the system upside/down. And giving Reiki with the feet seems pretty far away from the flow of the heart centre which contains the healing, transforming quality.
  • What about Reiki and Meditation?
    Spending many hours “giving” Reiki, sitting silently, doing nothing, except watching. Watching outside: how is energy moving? Watching inside: how is energy moving? The double pointed sword of awareness is a good training towards meditation. I translate this word meditation as non-doing, as watching, as no-activity in the mind, as being undistracted, present … yes, for me Reiki and meditation are very close together.
  • What about Reiki and Chakras?
    Chakras are energy centers, are stations to transform energy. They are tools that the body/mind system uses, not spiritual goals. They are more or less active in each living individual, but not as static centers, more as energy whirls, dynamic, connected with the main glands in the physical body. How can we not affect them, knowingly or unknowingly, when using Reiki energy? That’s how I understood to give them more attention.
  • What about Chakras?
    The most common map in use is the one with seven chakras: the lowest, no. 1 is connected with the energy of the earth; the highest, no. 7 is connected with the energy of the sky. The others in between, no. 2 to no. 6, have a front and a backside, for receiving and giving out. They are all interconnected and not static. Let me warn you: Please do NOT start visualizing, projecting, imagining … any symbols, any colors … into your system. You may do more damage, disturbing it, rather than helping it. The energy system has more wisdom/intelligence than our limited minds, than our medical beliefs, or esoteric traditions. That’s why Reiki can find the places of need, can fill-up, can restore the system to wholeness. That’s why you need not know anything when becoming a Reiki channel. Just start, watch and then you can explore according to the preferences of your mind. There are two main energy flows in the system: inwards + outwards upwards + downwards They correspond with the polarities each human being lives in: earth + sky darkness + light female + male kundalini + shaktipath YIN + YANG
  • What about Chakra Balancing?
    I am teaching the following way of chakra balancing from the first degree on as a possibility for giving a mini session to somebody else and/or as an effective daily practice for self healing (with small adjustments to ones own body). We used to call it “Instant Reiki” because it gives immediate harmony and well feeling as I have experienced in hundreds and hundreds of mini sessions. Moreover it can be given instantly, that is even in a public place (with small adjustments to the situation) when somebody feels on the edge of falling sick or is very irritated or in shock etc. Here the process: Take a moment to connect with the energy of your own heart chakra. Ask the person who will receive to sit on a chair with both feet on the ground. Smooth down the aura. Lay your hands on both the shoulders as a loving first contact. Lay both hands over the top of the head (7th chakra). Lay one hand over the forehead and the other over the medulla at the top of the spine (6th chakra). Lay one hand over the throat without any pressure and the other over the seventh cervical at the bottom of the neck (5th chakra). Lay one hand in front of the chest and the other between the shoulder blades (4th chakra). Keep one hand between the shoulder blades and move the other to the solar plexus in the front. This is called the “shock and stress” position (see there). Keep one hand in the front on the solar plexus and move the other on the back opposite to it (3rd chakra). Lay one hand below the navel and the other on the sacrum in the lower back (2nd chakra). Place one hand vertically over the bottom of the spine (1st chakra) and the other over the left knee, then right knee (for grounding). Place one hand over each foot. Close by smoothing down the aura again.
  • What about Shock and Stress?
    From the traditional teaching I learned that the shock- and stress position (one hand between the shoulder blades, the other hand over the solar plexus in the front) helps us to detect and dissolve shock and/or stress in the body/mind/energy system. To find out, how much stress or shock somebody carries, one looks/feels if there is a strong energy flow between the hands in this position. If there is not, then it is essential to continue giving more Reiki. To support and enhance this process I have often recommended taking the Bach Flower Essences: The “Rescue Remedy” helps to integrate energies after a smaller shock (like hitting the elbow) or bigger shock (like waking up from a night mare). They should be in everybody’s handbag. The “Star of Bethlehem” dissolves shock in deeper layers. If taken over a longer period, it can touch leftovers from birth trauma or even past lives. Be prepared that you may encounter the emotions or memories that were “frozen in” when in the past it had been too much to deal with them.
  • What about “Being Ungrounded”?
    In terms of chakras it means, that there is not much energy, not much consciousness in the lower chakras, in the connection to the ground, to the earth. Such a person will have some difficulty in being in the world, in making a living etc. S/he can easily get dizzy when giving Reiki from a standing position To find out about ones energetic reality in the chakras I recommend very much the Chakra Balancing (see there). When done regularly one can observe the changes in the system and how it becomes more and more alive.
  • What about Reiki and … ?
    Besides using meditation techniques in my way of doing energy work I felt guided at times to include other helpers as “additional hands”. For example: Stones (often helpful for grounding), Crystals (enhancing clarity and light), Sounds (vibrating inside the chakras), Colors (corresponding to the energy levels), Fragrance (opening certain inner doors), Joint release (a body work technique) or Micro Crystal Cards (from Tesla products). All of these tools can support and help to balance our inner well being and enrich us.
  • What about Chakras and Resonance?
    (This term “resonance” originates in the teaching of Sagarpriya about “Psychic Massage”.) There are resonant energies in the chakras: that means there is resonance with, a connection to the universal vibration, an opening. And we do have non-resonant energies in other places inside chakras: these are usually old and frozen emotions of the past. Moreover a non-resonant chakra can be strong and working out something inside … or just weak, like a flat wire. But in any case the life energy is not fully available, is caught up in the process. As an example let me speak about fear: Fear usually is a holding, a contraction of energy around the first chakra. In the situation of “waking up” our first chakra in Dynamic Meditation for example, these frozen, non-resonant energies start melting, the emotional content can come to the surface and life energy starts flowing again. Then we do experience fear – and usually project it on any situation of our momentary life, thinking it is NOW. But in fact it is a memory from some time earlier, maybe early childhood, maybe even birth trauma or past life. That’s why it is so essential to just watch what is going on in the ocean of emotion. No need to hold it, to judge it, to suppress it again … Awareness is all that is needed. The body/mind/energy system is cleaning itself and healing. What we call the “character” or the “personality” of someone is the individual’s combination of resonant and non-resonant energies, seen in the connection with the chakras. What we call “individuality” is the very “indivisible” center of emptiness. That is in so far very interesting as someone’s “character” will have to change when dealing with energy, when using techniques like Reiki, Osho Active Meditation and similar ones. And – yes – it is so – as many of us can confirm.
  • What about Re-initiating?
    Reikimasters are – like all other human beings – individual in their combination of resonant and non-resonant energies (see; Chakras and Resonance). For example: When the 4th chakra, the spiritual heart, is open and actively flowing (that means resonant), then the energy of love and acceptance is vibrating. When the solar plexus chakra is active and rotating, then the quality is of power (non-resonant) or of inner strength (resonant). When the person is “ungrounded” (see there) and airy, then this energy will be transmitted. During the initiations the Reikimaster is transmitting energy and this energy will be “colored” by the state of her/his chakras. S/he can transmit energy only as far as her/his own system can allow it to pass. That’s why initiations can have different qualities like “more of love” or “more of power” or “more of groundedness” etc. This brought the question of re-initiating to me. If the fresh Reiki channel feels connected with the heart … everything is OK. If not, then something essential is missing, because the heart chakra gives the quality of being whole, at home. And it has the capacity of transforming. It has happened to me only few times that I felt re-initiation was necessary.Nowadays when I read or hear how Reiki practitioners are moving from one initiation to the next, from one Reikimaster to the next, then I wonder if there was time enough to absorb the energy and to integrate it, to go through the changes in the (chakra) system. It is such a great gift that we are holding in our hands, so why not use it, why not unfold it to our utmost potential? And that takes some time.
  • What about Copyright?
    There was a time when I had to decide if I want to take a copyright on the name of “Osho Neo Reiki”. I felt that it would not fit to the energy that is abundant and limitless. So I did not. “Please respect my © creativity. Before you use the calligraphy of Osho Neo Reiki or one of my paintings you should have my permission. You are welcome to practice and explore the techniques. In case you want to pass them on or publish them, then please quote correctly and mention the source. Thanks.
  • What about Radiation?
    My – unconfirmed – belief is that radiation can pass more easily through a luminous and vibrant energy system, than through a system that in itself is stuck, frozen, not vibrating. That’s why I also believe that there are possible “helpers”: Bach Flower Essences: I remember that at the time of Chernobyl the following was recommended by Mechthild Scheffer (who was the German Bach Flower center already in the early 1980ies): Cherry Plum + Gentian + Star of Bethlehem + Rock Rose + Walnut + Vine + Wild Oat. Two drops each into 10 ml, then 1-2 drops few times a day. Gingko tree is, as I was told, the plant, which survives radiation well. Therefore its essence or homeopathic potency should be helpful
  • What about Reiki And Past Life Energy?
    This is what I can share with you out of my own experiences. May these hints help you. Past-Life-Energy is sticky and dark. When one is in it, then it is like being in a tunnel. In this tunnel one has only a narrow tunnel view and does not see the reality around. One projects on situations and persons from that tunnel view – very limited . Closing the eyes and looking in is not enough as long as one is inside this tunnel. Then only consciousness and unconsciousness are involved. That’s why I recommend to find someone who can tune-in or channel or read energy deeply. Whatever information is given about that Past Life needs NOW to come to the conscious and superconscious minds, needs to be worked on. Some guiding questions can be: What do I recognize inside me in the NOW as coming from that time? Emotions – thought forms – decisions … What do I repeat? Whom do I recognize as belonging to that life? How are they repeating the past? What was my main issue with these persons at that time? Love – hate – promises? How did I die? What was unsolved at that time? Very Important! That’s what I carry with me, what wants to be looked at and solved NOW. Again: this is real inner work. It needs meditation – otherwise one simply repeats. It is necessary to invite the superconsciousness to look more from a bird’s eye view than from the tunnel view. And once you can see more clearly, you will act differently and set the energy free. As far as your Reiki hands are concerned, they can help you to activate and then dissolve the Past-Life-Energy. Just you need to find the place/places in your system where this energy is stuck. Himani, 09/11/2013
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