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Active Meditation

Osho Active Meditation
by Himani ( June 2002)

“Osho is an enlightened Master ...”
 Dalai Lama

In the western world we do not have any comparable experience of this phenomenon of an Enlightened One. It is therefore almost impossible to speak about Osho except through songs of love and gratitude. But that much can be said about his effect: Osho has attracted thousands and thousands of seekers from Europe, America, Japan, India, Australia … in the 1970s and 80s, then later more and more from Taiwan, Russia, Korea and Israel. His words are contained in more than 350 separate book titles, are translated into more than 50 different languages and available in more than 80 countries.
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When we read the word “meditation”, we usually think first of someone who is sitting with legs crossed in lotus posture and is watching the breath, using this ancient technique called “Vipassana”. This technique may be a door to connect with your inner peace. Only you can find out individually and excistencially.

For many people of modern times it is not easy to sit silently and let body and mind relax. Mostly they are too tense, stressed out or locked in their thoughts. For them and with them Osho scientifically designed new devises and brought back to our knowledge ancient techniques, available now for humanity of the 21st century. These are amazing tools for all those who want to find their center, the inner peace of mind and at the same time are with both feet in this world.

The standardized meditation techniques from Osho are designed for one hour, have different stages with music specifically created for this purpose. There is usually at first a time with physical activity. Through movement dormant energies can be awakened, suppressed or frozen emotions can be released. We can letgo of tension and stress, feel refreshed and younger again. And - then! – when we stop moving and sit or lay down, our energy can turn inwards easily and naturally. Meditation can happen.

These Active Meditations can be done alone, with the music from CD and according to Osho’s instructions. When practiced regularly (for example over 21 days), the benefits will be numerous and in all dimensions:

  • the physical body will become more healthy, movable and relaxed,

  • emotions and stress can be released, inner harmony will be establishing again,

  • the spiritual dimension of being will be freed from layers of conditioning and thought patterns.

The most famous Active Meditations from Osho are (in short):

Dynamic Meditation” with the stages:

1. Deep, rapid and chaotic breathing.
2. Explode! Allow the energy to express anything that comes to the surface, a catharsis.
3. Arms up and jump, using the mantra “Hoo!”
4. Stop! Freeze in the position you are.
5. Celebrate.

Kundalini Meditation” with the stages:

1. Allow your whole body to shake, keeping your feet on the ground.
2. Dance, let the music move your body.
3. Standing or sitting, listen to music, watch.
4. Lying down, be still and silent.

Nadabrahma Meditation” with the stages:

1. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands joined. Start humming, and create a vibration inside your body.
2. With your palms facing up make circular movements outwards, then with palms down inwards, as slowly as possible.
3. Sitting or lying down, be still.

Nataraj Meditation” with the stages:

1. 40 minutes of dancing as if you are posessed.
2. 20 minutes lying down in silence, without moving.
3. 5 minutes dance and celebration.

More detailed descriptions to these Active Meditations and the Master’s comments one can find in the book:
Osho “Meditation, the First and Last Freedom”
St.Martin’s Press, ISBN 0-312-16927-2

This book contains many more techniques. Active Meditation can be practiced in all the situations of daily life, so that we can be fully alert, awake and relaxed, at ease at the same time. Then meditation is not defined and limited to a small period of time per day, but is applied to everything we do in life. In this way it will change the quality of your life right now and create ripples of awareness, love, peace and beauty around you. Just two small examples here, for you to start experimenting:

Laughing Meditation : “Every morning upon waking, before opening your eyes, stretch like a cat. Stretch every viber of your body. After three or four minutes, with eyes still closed, begin to laugh. At first you will be doing it, but soon the sound of your attempt will cause genuine laughter. Lose yourself in laughter. It may take several days before it really happens, for we are so unaccustomed to the phenomenon. But before long it will be spontaneous and will change the whole nature of your day.”

Looking Within : “You can try to stop your eyes at a particular point, at a particular object, and not allow them to move, but movement is their nature. You cannot stop movement, but you can stop your eyes: understand the distinction. You can stop your eyes at a particular fixed point at a dot on the wall ...but then a very strange phenomenon happens. … If you suddenly stop and do not allow them to move outwards, they will start moving inwards.”


Osho says: “Meditation is nothing but your mind in a silent state.
Just as a lake is silent, not even ripples on it thoughts are ripples.
Meditation is mind relaxed don’t make things very complex ,mind in a state of not doing anything, just at ease.
And the moment you are relaxed, silent, peaceful, there is great insight and understanding of things that you have never understood before.
Nobody is explaining anything to you. Just your clarity of vision makes things clear.”

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