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About Training

First Degree
For everybody, to use for oneself, for family and friends:
Four initiations are re-connecting with the Universal (REI) Life Force (KI).
These transmissions of energy enable to be a channel for healing energy, that flows through the hands.

Metaphysical Energy Work: Part 1 “Re-gaining Self-Love”
For Reiki practitioners of all levels
To integrate Osho's meditation techniques into the Reiki work
To expand in sensitivity and awareness
To relate from the heart
To balance and heal the energy centres.

Second Degree
For experienced Reiki practitioners of the first level:
Three initiations and techniques to use the Universal (REI) Life Force (KI) on deeper levels of understanding and entering the mysterious world of symbols.

Metaphysical Energy Work:  Part 2 “Re-gaining Strength”

For Reiki practitioners of the second level, only after part 1:
To expand in creative energy
To explore the specific techniques of the Second Degree
To experiment in the world of mysteries
To activate and heal the energy bodies


Metaphysical Energy Work: Part 3 “Re-gaining Dignity”

For experienced Reiki practitioners, only after part 2:
To integrate Osho's guidance about working with people
To expand into healing as it happens
To heal, to speak, to read from the heart
To bring more awareness to energy centres and energy bodies
To deepen the specific Second Degree techniques and to use them for situations in  daily life
To experiment with surgical ways of energy work. 


Advanced Degree is certified
with completion of Metaphysical Energy Work part 1+2+3.

Master Degree
for experienced practitioners of the Neo-Reiki Advanced Degree:
A transformative process to prepare for teaching and  initiating
others and for presenting Osho Neo-Reiki in the world.

Individual sessions are offered as ‘Neo-Reiki Alignment’
This package of 3 sessions begins with an energy reading.

The alignment happens through deep and specific energy work as
energy centres become balanced,energy bodies are nourished,
old energy patterns dissolve and energy flow is re-established naturally.


is nothing but your mindin a silent state.

Just as a lake is silent, not even ripples on it...

Thoughts are ripples. Meditation is mind relaxed

- don't make things very complex -

mind in a state of not doing anything, just at ease.

And the moment you are relaxed, silent, peaceful,

there is great insight and understanding of things

that you have never understood before.

Nobody is explaining anything to you.

Just your clarity of vision makes things clear.”

Osho in: The Rajneesh Upanishad, # 12

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